Sign up for a free purchasing analysis* (*currently only available in Sweden and Norway)

Purch offer a free purchasing analysis without commitment.
1. Your current purchasing costs are compared with the cost you would have as a member of Purch.
2. You get a fact-based analysis showing how much you would save by becoming a member.
3. You make a well-informed decision on whether you want to become a member.



Our team

Ana Petrovic

Project Manager
070-603 91 70

Daniel Jacobsson

Managing Director
070-550 11 96

David Örneblad

Project Manager
073-407 82 25

Gustaf Högberg

Project Manager
070-833 88 39

Peter Åström

Supplier Relationship Manager
070-603 91 00

Carola Grönesjö

Customer Relations Manager
 076-636 77 89

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