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Aiming for better healthcare

Purch helps healthcare operators save time and money through a strategic purchasing partnership

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The challenges facing the healthcare system are increasing. As our aging population grows and our patients access to medical information becomes increasingly easier, demands and standards have become much higher. Finances are stretched, which puts extra focus on keeping costs down. Purch helps healthcare providers sharpen their competitive edge by offering innovative services. We identify and action savings on purchasing within the healthcare system without compromising quality.

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Collaborating with Purch has made it easier for me to keep track of purchases in the clinic. I feel safe in the knowledge that Purch make sure we comply with quality and environmental requirements in a cost-effective way. I appreciate that Purch provides an overview of our purchases through their monthly report.

Pernilla Henriksson, Private Practice 'Privatläkarna' in Helsingborg, Sweden

I perceive Purch and its effective tools as a catalyst for already existing purchasing departments. Much higher cost savings can be achieved with the same resources in collaboration with Purch. In addition, they are exceptionally easy to work with and sensitive to customer needs.

Per Nyman, Former Business Area Manager Aleris Sweden

Purch are very ambitious and meticulous in their work. Every penny is counted for and they work methodically with follow-ups until the savings are visible on the bottom line. They are good at working through the whole process and are sensitive to the needs of different stakeholders which makes achieve results even in difficult conditions, working in a large organisation.


Christer Löw, CEO Klaragården AB

As well as great prices and terms of delivery, we are very grateful that Purch facilitates our purchasing processes so that we can allocate time for our other activities. We also appreciate getting help and advice with investments.

Hanna Vikman, 'Kvarterskliniken' in Goteborg, Sweden

We have been members of Purch since December 2016. The advantages are, that we save time not having to compare prices, that we find companies that sell specific products, and that we get help negotiating prices.

Christina Hansson, Private Practioner 'Fjällhälsans hälsocentral' in Hede, Sweden

We like being able to get advice on major investments and high cost materials. We are more cost-effective in our purchases now thanks to Purch’s monthly reports with statistics and the yearly review of our purchases. We also like the fact that we can have a continuous dialogue on expanding our product range and adding new product categories that we need.

Maria Morian, Private Practitioner 'HumanResurs Hälsocentral'

My first impression of Purch was that they are easy get in contact with and get support from. We have only just started our collaboration with Purch but already we have seen great cost savings that can be made and that we will be able to reduce the amount of time we spend on making orders and comparing different products.

Tore Gustavsson, Siljagruppen

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