Sign up for a free purchasing analysis* (*currently only available in Sweden and Norway)

Purch offer a free purchasing analysis without commitment.
1. Your current purchasing costs are compared with the cost you would have as a member of Purch.
2. You get a fact-based analysis showing how much you would save by becoming a member.
3. You make a well-informed decision on whether you want to become a member.



For Healthcare and Community Care providers

Purch membership

Purch collaborates with more than 160 healthcare providers in Sweden. Joining Purch means you instantly become part of a professional purchasing organisation whilst simultaneously saving time and money on your purchases.

How do I become a member?


Contract portfolio

Cost saving purchasing contracts with leading suppliers.

Medical investment services

Save money and time on your investments in medical equipment.

Purchase control

Tools and statistics for managing and controling your purchases.

Chief Purchasing Officer for hire

Is your organisation large enough to need strategic purchasing but too small to have its own purchasing department? Purch can offer you a part-time Chief Purchasing Officer.

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Strategic purchasing projects

Quickly realise cost savings on purchasing. Get a category management platform for strategic purchasing while doing so.

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